We hope you will enjoy your stay here at Sunprime Hotels. To make your stay even more comfortable, we have made these services available to you:

Express Laundry Contact Reception
Welcome Package €40
Prime Welcome Package €75
Day use of apartment on departure day * €40 (15:00)
Day use of apartment on departure day * €50 (18:00)

* Subject to limited availability. Please book from our Reception at your earliest.

TV Service

BBCW: channel 2  
Euronews: channel 3  
MBC Action: channel 4  
MBC Max: channel 5  
Fashion one: channel 9  
Mad CY: channel 10  
PIK 1: channel 13  
Mega: channel 16  
Ant1: channel 17  
MBC Drama: channel 25


Safety Box

We recommend that you use the safety box in your room for all your valuables.
The hotel does not assume any responsibility for items not kept in the safety box.
For your safety, we recommend that you close the balcony doors and windows at night and whenever you leave your apartment/room.  

Room Cleaning

Your Suite is cleaned everyday.

Fresh Bath Towels & Bed Linen

Would you like fresh bath towels and/or bed linen? Place your used towels/linen in the laundry basket in the bathroom. You can exchange your used pool and beach towels for fresh ones at Reception.

✓ Why not re-use your towels and bed linens which help us significantly reduce our electricity, detergent and water usage? Be our environmental hero and see our tips here.