Protecting Children

We are working actively to get our partners to respect and support the UN Declaration
of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We strongly
reject all forms of crimes against children. Our work against sexual exploitation of
children includes ethics, education and information to our staff, our customers and
our partners. It is our hope that our customers avoid establishments and facilities
where it is suspected that children are forced to do something against their will and/
or is abnormal for the child.

We support ECPAT Sweden and The Code. ECPAT Sweden is a non-profit children’s
rights organization, working against all forms of sexual exploitation of children. The
Code is aiming to protect children from sexual abusein the areas of travel and tourism. The Code has developed a Code of Conduct for the travel industry, which was adopted by Ving Sweden in 1999. 

The Code of Conduct consists of six criteria:
1. To establish a policy and procedures
2. Train and educate employees
3. Include a clause in contracts
4. Provide information to customers
5. Support, collaborate and engage stakeholders
6. Report annually

Further information is available at and

How can you as a tourist help?

Do you suspect anyone of having sexually abused children abroad? Tell the police!
Your observations may prevent further abuse. You can use the following links for
reporting and you can always be anonymous. Your information will be forwarded to
the national police of the respective country:

You may also report to the local police at the destination, the local police in your
country of residence or by contacting our employees.

If you suspect sexual abuse of children

If you suspect sexual abuse of children it is of great importance to report this as
soon as possible. Try to provide as detailed information as possible on:

  • Cause of suspicion
  • Location of observation (city, resort, hotel, etc.)
  • Time and date of observation
  • The suspected perpetrator (as detailed as possible)
  • Identity of victim
  • Any other persons that have made the same observation (witnesses)
  • If possible, try to take a photo and include that in your report.

It is possible to report anonymously, but the police may want to contact the person
reporting, in the event of additional questions.